Hi! My name is Melanie Sunshine Dyel . I live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina . I work primarily on the wheel making forms based on a tradition of function for use everyday. Inspiration for my work is fueled by nature, my love of birds, fruit and flowers. The slip trailing on all my work is reminiscent of my earlier days working in a bakery decorating  with icing, it is my favorite part of all my clay processes.Slip trailing is a process in ceramics created by squeezing lines of thick, liquid clay onto a wet or leather-hard clay surface using a squeeze-bulb or tube applicator.I feel like my piece will not be complete unless I add some of my flowing slip trailing work. For my pierced bowl leaf designs I use leaves I collect on my hikes in the mountains and create my own stencils. I am never afraid to experiment or come up with new ideas so my work will forever be evolving. I am in love with this medium and it has kept me grounded, humble and taught me great patience. I am  extremely grateful for clay coming into my life!

My Studio and work are on display at

Odyssey Gallery of Ceramic Arts 238 Clingman Ave Asheville NC

My work is also at the following locations :

The Asheville Shop 36 Montford Avenue Asheville Chamber of Commerce Asheville, NC 28801

Mountain Made Inside the Grove Arcade 1 Page Ave #123 Asheville, NC 28801

Ultra Coffee Bar 242 Clingman Ave Ext Asheville, NC 28801

Art Mob 124 4th Ave E Hendersonville, NC 28792

Mountain Nest 133 Cherry St Black Mountain, NC 28711

Sweetgrass Artisan Mercantile 23 Crimson Laurel Way Bakersville, NC 28705